Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some things that are useful for you to know. If there’s anything else you wish to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Banks are now processing payments 7 days a week. This means that your direct debit day will always occur on the actual due date and will no longer be moved to the next business day. To ensure you do not get caught out you just need to make sure there are sufficient funds in your nominated account on the night before your direct debit date.

As we have always done, we will let you know the amount owing and the date that it will be direct debited in the email we send you when we send your invoice. The only thing that will change is that these dates will now sometimes occur on a weekend or public holiday day.

For example: Currently, if your direct debit falls on 20 August, which is a Sunday, in the past the actual date of the direct debit would have moved to Monday, 21 August being the next business day. But now our bank will process payments 7 days a week. So if your direct debit falls on Sunday 20 August, it will be debited on Sunday.

Depending on your Fuel provider, Fuel To Go fuel cards can save you between 8 - 10c per litre off pump price. Those cents turn into dollars pretty fast.

For National Pricing fuel cards, please see the pricing applicable for this week on each supplier page: BP, Mobil, and Z.

For bulk fuel, please contact us for our current prices. With 5 suppliers to choose from, we’re sure to be able to find you a great deal in your area.

If you have an account with another supplier, and would like to compare against our prices, email us a copy of your current bill to and we will perform an obligation free benchmark against our prices and provide you a report on how much you would save on your current bill if you were with Fuel To Go.

Monthly Invoicing

We invoice you on the last day of the month. You receive your invoice by email or post, depending on your chosen method. We then debit your nominated bank account 20 days after the invoice date. That is, invoices will be debited on the 20th of the month following.

Yes, our cards give you access to each suppliers’ Truckstops. This enables you to access significantly cheaper diesel prices.

You can choose to have as many as you like across BP, Mobil and Z.

We generally suggest using 1 or 2 cards per person, based on your needs. For instance, you might use petrol and diesel, and get a Mobilcard for your petrol discount, and Z fuel card for your diesel discount. Perhaps BP is closest to where you live, and Z closest to your work. You can choose whatever suits your circumstances, and all transactions will appear on one bill.

To maximise the savings, we can provide a separate card across all our fuel suppliers, for each fuel company you choose.

This is because the suppliers prefer to have their own branded cards given to customers and will then offer a significantly greater discount when compared to using one card for multiple fuel companies.

Contact us on either or 0800 383 586 and let us know you need to have your card replaced. We need to know the name of your account, which card supplier (BP, Mobil, or Z) and the driver name or vehicle registration for your card. We can then arrange for your lost card to be cancelled, and your new card(s) ordered and sent to you.

There are no joining fees or account fees. The only fees are an annual $12 (inc GST) card fee, per card and a 5% fee for non-fuel/oil purchases made on your card.

There is no time-based contract. You can leave whenever you like.

Click here to see a map of fuel stations where you can use your fuel card. You can filter the map to select individual fuel suppliers.

There might be a couple of reasons why your transaction declined. You may have gone over your daily or monthly purchase limits; you may have purchase restrictions on your card (petrol & diesel only) and you’re trying to buy something from the service station shop. These restrictions were specified by you during the application process.

Please contact us on 0800 383 586 and we will help you.

Yes, as soon as you receive your card you can use it with the pin you provided during the application process. You do not need to activate your card prior to using it for the first time.

Please contact us on 0800 383 586 and we can check your pin and help fix the issue.

Bulk Fuel FAQ

Below are some questions specific to our bulk fuel services.

Yes we do. Fuel To Go has been supplying bulk fuel across New Zealand for over 30 years. With a locally based Customer Service team, and 6 bulk fuel suppliers, we’re ready to help you with all your bulk fuel needs.

We deliver diesel, 91, and 95 fuel to any of the following industries:

  • Farming
  • Agricultural Contractors
  • Horticultural & Market Gardeners
  • Earthworks
  • Marine Industry
  • Wine and Vineyard Industry
  • Cropping
  • Forestry
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Schools

Yes, Fuel To Go also deliver fuel for commercial and home heating purposes. Let our Customer Services team know that your bulk delivery is for home heating when you place your order.

Yes, Fuel To Go can deliver winter diesel. During the colder months, when the weather can get quite extreme, the naturally occurring waxes in fuel can solidify. A winter diesel blend is specially formulated with lower cloud points * than regular diesel to prevent this solidifying from occurring. Do ask our Customer Service team if winter diesel is available when you place your order.

* The temperature below which wax in diesel will begin to go cloudy and solidify.

Bulk fuel orders can either be emailed through to, or you can call us on 0800 383 586 to place an order.

Bulk fuel orders can take up to a week to be delivered. You can ask our Customer Service team for an estimated delivery date when you place your bulk fuel order.

If you want a routine delivery, (i.e., a set monthly delivery), you can choose this during the application process. If you already have a Fuel To Go account you can contact our Customer Service team to request for this to be set-up.

You will need either a stationary fuel storage tank on your site or property, or a fuel storage tank on a trailer. Any onsite compliance checks required are completed by your chosen bulk fuel supplier, on their first visit. This will happen after your Fuel To Go application has been received and approved.

Just click the “Apply Now” button on the Bulk Fuel Page or click here. Have the following information handy as you will need this to complete the application:

  • Information about your storage tanks
  • Delivery details for your bulk fuel
  • Applicant driver licence details
  • Payment details

After we’ve received your application, one of our Customer Service team members will contact you to get some additional information about your site and your tanks. The information we’ll ask for is:

  • Photos of the tank/s
  • Photos of the location of the tank/s*
  • Photos of the entrance to the site for delivery purposes

* * Instead of photos, the location of the tank/s and the entrance to the site can also be sent through by taking a screenshot of your site on Google Maps satellite view.

Once we’ve received your photos, we will finalise your application. We will be back in touch to let you know which bulk fuel suppliers are available in your area. If there is more than one supplier available, we’ll discuss this with you, and you will choose which supplier you’d prefer for your bulk fuel deliveries.

Yes, you can have more than one bulk fuel delivery address. You will need to supply the same information for each delivery address about the storage tanks and the site entrance, as explained above.

Fuel To Go’s bulk fuel partners are:

  • Allied Petroleum
  • Fern
  • McFall Fuel
  • NPD
  • RD Petroleum
  • Aratuna